A Florist & Flower Garden by the sea in Ayrshire.

Flowermug is owned by Jenny Mugford, a florist and flower grower, who loves to find inspiration in the changing seasons and surrounding landscapes.

We create beautiful and meaningful flowers for all occasions, weddings and events; working throughout Scotland and beyond. We fill our floral arrangements with gorgeous, seasonal flowers and foliages along with lots of wonderful aromas, movement and joy.


Our floristry style celebrates the changing seasons and surrounding landscapes of each occasion or assignment. We love to find the often quiet connections between the flowers, the people and the setting of each piece of work. We like to take a detailed, unhurried and serious approach to every aspect of our work; from the seed sowing and flower growing to the designing and arranging processes.


In our opinion flowers should not only look magnificent, but they should also make you feel; they should be full of joy, movement, fragrance, and texture.


From our home cutting garden we grow a proportion of the fresh flowers, herbs and foliage used throughout our work. Wherever possible, we source the rest of our materials from Scottish and UK flower growers. Where materials are not available nationwide, we source responsibly from international markets. We also take a serious and thoughtful approach when managing our impact on the environment.

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A Florist & Flower Garden by the sea in Ayrshire.

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