Welcome to Flowermug, a florist and flower garden by the sea in Ayrshire. We provide beautiful flowers for weddings, events and individuals, across Scotland and beyond.


Flowermug is owned by Jenny Mugford, a florist with an enthusiasm for using home grown flowers, locally sourced materials and foraged elements from the surrounding landscape. Her love of flowers is wholeheartedly linked to her love of nature. She loves to find quiet connections between the flowers, setting and the people involved with each piece of work; taking a detailed, unhurried approach to the growing and creative process.

We grow and create vibrant, textural and meaningful flowers, offering a full floristry and styling service. We work closely with you and the setting, whether this is a small informal gathering over good food, or a bountiful garden-party summer wedding. We love to explore the historical and folk lore connections between flowers, plants and the seasons; and how these connections interact with your occasion, event or individual order.

We relish in offering a makeup and deliver service for individuals; from a simple herb posy to say thank you, to an abundant gate garland to celebrate the arrival of a child. We furnish artisan restaurants and cafes with floral arrangements, tailored to their particular approach to food or drink. We love to work with corporate and group clients, inventing engaging workshops, which impart new skills, bolster creativity and connect the participants with the present season.


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